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Hello! I'm Joe, a passionate data enthusiast on a mission to unveil the hidden stories within data and translate them into meaningful solutions. On this platform, I invite you to explore my journey through the realm of data analytics and science, showcased through my latest projects.


As a dedicated professional in the field, I aspire to connect with potential employers and collaborators who appreciate the art of creativity infused into the science of data. My portfolio is a testament to the depth of my dedication in solving real-world challenges, one dataset at a time.


During my academic journey in data science and artificial intelligence, I've embarked on a transformative experience delving into the realms of data analytics and science. Equipped with a potent set of tools, I've honed my skills to tackle real-world challenges effectively. Beginning with foundational steps like exploratory data analysis and basic data cleaning using Python libraries such as pandas and numpy, I've grown into a proficient data wrangler.


As the journey progressed, I embraced the intricacies of machine learning, mastering supervised learning algorithms. The process involved understanding diverse attributes and parameters intricately linked to these algorithms and culminated in hyperparameter tuning for optimal performance. I've realized that harnessing cognitive and critical thinking skills is the linchpin setting me apart in this ever-evolving landscape. The journey has been humbling, nurturing a continuous eagerness to learn and stay at the forefront of this dynamic field.


Applied exploratory data analysis by using techniques like querying and aggregating, manipulation, plotting, and cleansing.


Languages practiced include R, Python, SQL.

Machine Learning

Experience with supervised machine learning models such as; Random Forest, Logistic Regression, XGBoost, Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbor, Decision Trees. 

Both parameters and attributes of these models have also been studied.


I have worked with analytical tools such as Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Tableau, Big Query SQL, Snowflake UI, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Visual Studio Code, R Studio and Jupyter Notebook.

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